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How to Treat and Control Termites

Termites are some of the most common types of insects found in homes today. Though you may know that termites eat wood surfaces and components found in your home, you may not know that these insects also eat books, paper, and even the liners used in swimming pools. Pest control companies usually recommend that you use different methods to treat and control the termites living in your home.

Monitoring for Termite Activity

Pest control companies often use new types of computer software when monitoring your home for signs of termites. They can use these tools to get a good look at your home, find out where the termites live, and identify how those pests move through your home and around your property. This helps them decide whether baits will work, if your home needs to be tented, and where to place any baits they use.

Treating Termite Infestations

Two of the more common methods of treating termite infestations include baits and liquids. Baits are a type of trap that the exterminators place around the home. Termites are drawn to the baits, enter the traps, and then cannot leave. Exterminators may use a combination of baits and a liquid insecticide that kills any termites that touch the liquid. If you have a more serious infestation that baits and liquids will not treat, exterminators may need to tent your home and apply an insecticide throughout the house. Work with your exterminator to decide on the best treatment.