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What to Expect When Treating Termites

Many homeowners are somewhat surprised when asked to prepare their property for termite treatment and shocked by what treatment involves. Before your pest control specialist arrives, you’ll need to iron out certain things.
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Get to Know the German Cockroach

German cockroaches are commonly found throughout the United States. They are easily confused with the Asian cockroach because they look similar, the main difference being the German variety rarely flies (although they do have wings). German cockroaches are much smaller than most of their species, typically measuring between 0.51 to 0.63 inches in length. Their colors range from tan to dark brown.

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Can Rats Get into Your Top Floor Home?

You live at the top floor of an apartment. There’s no way pests can reach you now, right? Wrong. So how can rodents get on your floor when you’re so far off from the ground? The answer is simpler than what most people would think.

A rat’s nose is an incredibly sensitive organ. Every object, every surface, every breath of air contains different smells for a rat. Couple that with the ability to smell food from long distances and enter properties through very small holes or cracks, and you start to understand how futile it can be to completely protect your home from these pesky critters. Continue reading →

The Role of Pest Control in Protecting the Bees

The pest control industry as a whole is trying to be careful how it affects the global bee population. Honeybees, in particular, saw their numbers decline by as much as 50 percent. In 2013, some U.S. beekeepers saw 60 percent of their hives disappear. Couple in the blow suffered by other bee types, and the numbers can be downright shocking. Thus, utmost care must be observed when removing them to prevent further loss. Continue reading →

Preventing an Ant Infestation

There are almost 1,000 different species of ants throughout North America, but only a handful of them prove to be nuisances and enter your home. If ants have invaded you home, calling a trusted pest control service to come and exterminate the intruders is a good idea.

Once an exterminator evicts ants from your home, you should take the necessary steps to prevent another infestation from occurring. Some of these steps include:

Reduce Entry Points

There are many ways for ants to enter your home, including open windows and the open space beneath your doors. Your best course of action would be to reduce as many of these entry points as you can. Any cracks you find in your walls should be caulked. Likewise, ask an exterminator which pest control substances are best left around entry points that cannot be sealed. Continue reading →