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Why Bee Removal Is a Bad DIY Project

With so many sprays and other products promising quick and easy bee removal, it would seem that the average homeowner should be able to make simple work out of removing an unwanted bee infestation. This isn’t actually the case, however, and there are many reasons why trying to remove bees on your own is a bad idea.

Africanized Bees

Africanized bees are an extremely aggressive bee species developed by breeding African and European bees together. While only 10% of the bees in a European bee hive attack if the colony is threatened, all of the Africanized bees will attack if they are threatened. The result is an attack by thousands of bees that can sometimes be fatal due to the sheer number of stings involved. A professional has the right equipment to fend off such an attack.

The Bee Shortage

As honey bees die off at alarming rates, scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about the fate of the world’s food supply. Many fruits and vegetables won’t grow without bees to pollinate them, so exterminating bees by killing them with an insecticide isn’t a good idea. Pest control professionals may be able to remove and relocate the bees without killing them.

Property Damage

The pros also know how to access bees in hard to reach places, so they won’t damage your property when pursuing bees inside walls and other structures. Although a DIY mindset can solve many problems, if you have bees in or around your home, opt instead to protect your own safety by calling for help from professionals.