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Should You Really Be Afraid of Bees?

Everyone can thrive in close association with bees—even children. In fact, one elementary school in Oregon wanted to prove this point by cultivating a large bee population on school premises. However, the kids are taught to stay away from bees if they’re nesting nearby, just as they are taught to stay away from the road. Comparing the two dangers, you have actually more reason to be scared of roads than bees, considering that deaths by beestings are rare and road casualties are fairly common.

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The Role of Pest Control in Protecting the Bees

The pest control industry as a whole is trying to be careful how it affects the global bee population. Honeybees, in particular, saw their numbers decline by as much as 50 percent. In 2013, some U.S. beekeepers saw 60 percent of their hives disappear. Couple in the blow suffered by other bee types, and the numbers can be downright shocking. Thus, utmost care must be observed when removing them to prevent further loss. Continue reading →

The Problem with Bees

When people think of bees, they often think of honey; however, the delicious treat is not the only thing that bees are good at making. They are also quite skilled at building the place in which they produce that honey; the bee hives. These honeycombed structures are often found in places where flowers are in abundance. The trouble is that bees don’t limit themselves to the wilderness; they can crawl into the tight places of your home and start building hives there. Warm, dry places like the attic and inside the walls are favorite locations. Continue reading →