What to Expect When Treating Termites

Many homeowners are somewhat surprised when asked to prepare their property for termite treatment and shocked by what treatment involves. Before your pest control specialist arrives, you’ll need to iron out certain things.

Drilling Happens

Termites thrive inside wooden structures and building foundations. Treatment may require drilling into concrete, wood, or cinder blocks to reach both the soil beneath the foundation and the spaces within where termites might be hiding. Drilling won’t impact the stability of your foundation, but is sometimes necessary to apply poisonous baits and insecticides.

Trimming the Hedges

Termite treatment often involves creating a trench in the soil around your home’s foundation to apply insecticides and repellents where the termites are most likely to encounter them. Trim bushes, trees, and ornamental pants so they are at least 18-24 inches away from the home.

Moving Furniture

Termite treatment on your home’sfoundation requires both interior and exterior work. Items stored in your basement or furniture in your finished basement will need to be moved 3 to 5 feet away from exterior walls to facilitate treatment. If you live in a ranch home, this may mean moving furniture in every room. Exterior garage walls, too, will need to be cleared.

Other Considerations

Your pest control company will specify any other preparations you need to make, such as having the local utility company mark out utility lines so they are not disturbed when drilling into the soil. Speed up the termite control process by completing these tasks right away.

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