Controlling Ant Invasions: What Research Shows

Did you know that ant invasions are more likely to happen during rainy seasons or drought? This was a finding from a study by Stanford. The researchers found that in many cases, if you perform amateur ant pest control (through baits, bug sprays, and natural repellents), it won’t be effective if the ants are determined to stay away from the scorching heat, or to nest in semi-moist soil away from rainfall. Aside from being ineffective, using chemicals yourself can be hazardous.

The Approach to Argentine Ants

Argentine ants, in particular, are more difficult to completely eliminate with conventional pesticides, which are typically manufactured for ant species with single queens or colonies. The Argentine ants have many queens, so when one is killed or when one of their nests gets destroyed, these critters can take refuge in another nest and thrive.

Therefore, the methods used to eliminate this great household pest should be comprehensive and strategically planned. They should include, thorough inspections and efficient management, that won’t harm people, and, in case of outdoor invasions, the soil or the natural environment, too.

Experienced exterminators in San Diego can perform professional pest control if your house or business gets pestered by hordes of ants. They can properly identify the species invading your home and determine the best approach to eliminating the pests or warding them off, such as depriving them of food sources and preventing entry into your home.


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