Get to Know the German Cockroach

German cockroaches are commonly found throughout the United States. They are easily confused with the Asian cockroach because they look similar, the main difference being the German variety rarely flies (although they do have wings). German cockroaches are much smaller than most of their species, typically measuring between 0.51 to 0.63 inches in length. Their colors range from tan to dark brown.

Life Cycle

German cockroaches undergo three specific life cycle phases: egg, nymph, and adult. This life cycle typically spans 100 days, and may vary depending on factors such as diet, temperature, and injuries.


These cockroaches are very active at night, and avoid light. They can’t tolerate cold climates, which is why their infestations are mostly limited indoors. They like moisture, so they can frequently be found in kitchens or bathrooms. They eat practically everything, including trash, grease, hair, soap, glue, and even toothpaste. They are also known to practice cannibalism, chewing, and gnawing at cockroaches’ legs and wings.


German cockroaches reproduce faster than any of their species—it’s possible for many generations of roaches to coexist in a single infestation. They have also begun to develop resistance against certain pest products. They can transmit pathogens like typhus, Salmonella, and E. coli.

If you have a German cockroach infestation, it’s imperative that you contact a quality pest control professional immediately to address the issue.


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