Should You Really Be Afraid of Bees?

Everyone can thrive in close association with bees—even children. In fact, one elementary school in Oregon wanted to prove this point by cultivating a large bee population on school premises. However, the kids are taught to stay away from bees if they’re nesting nearby, just as they are taught to stay away from the road. Comparing the two dangers, you have actually more reason to be scared of roads than bees, considering that deaths by beestings are rare and road casualties are fairly common.

Stings from native, solitary bees are highly unlikely. However, a bee that has strayed away from the hive foraging for nectar or pollen knows that it doesn’t have the hive to protect her, so she will, in most cases, sting if stepped on, roughly handled, or otherwise threatened. Other than that, bees will only sting when they perceive a danger to the hive, so if you pose no threat to them, they’ll just leave you be.

It’s important to let bees be bees because of the crucial roles they play in the ecosystem—not to mention that their populations worldwide are dwindling. Still, if you are uncomfortable having bees on your property, you can always count on reliable bee removal services to handle them properly.


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