Spotting Termites Before They Do More Damage

Your home can be host to colonies of destructive termites, and you might not even be aware of it. This is because termites often live within the very wood they are eating, keeping them out of sight. Termites, however, are not completely invisible; if you know how to spot the symptoms of an infestation, you will be able to resolve your pest issues faster.

While termite infestations in wood are not immediately visible at first, there are other clues you can look out for. If you find any fecal pellets gathering next to holes in your furniture, it could mean that the piece is being infested by drywood termites. Suspicious-looking earthen tubes that link the ground to wooden pieces are clear indicators of subterranean termite presence. These symptoms might not be readily apparent, however, especially if the bugs manage to cover their tracks.

Perhaps the most fool-proof way to determine whether or not your home is suffering from termites is to call for a termite control contractor. Pest control companies have the equipment and training to conduct advanced termite inspections that can detect even the most concealed of colonies. At the same time, the experts can also offer to control the infestations and rid your home of the pests once and for all.


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