Covering Bases before Making the Offer

Real estate can be a good investment if you have ample funds to acquire a number of properties. You can then convert them for lease and earn some income out of them. If you have some wooden structures in your list of properties, however, termites are never far behind. As such, a termite inspection through an established San Diego company is needed to determine a property’s viability.

Red Flags

A check of the property with a preferred termite inspector will help yield enough information for an educated decision whether or not to buy. One strategy to carry out will be to assess all wooden structures in contact with the ground for anything that seems like ripped edges—for example, a wooden pillar with a concrete base.

Some pest control experts state that termites eat up to a pound of wood cellulose a day. You can also determine signs of infestation if the wood has numerous holes in odd patterns.

Why Inspect?

If you’re still wondering why you should have the property you’re eyeing inspected for termites, consider this: there are lenders that will only approve a mortgage provided the borrower submits a termite inspection and general home inspection report. You should also insist on acquiring a prior-treatment report from the seller. Such documents will determine if a mortgage can be approved with only minor hassles with regard to fixing the property.

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