Do You Have a Clothes Moth Problem?

During your last tour of spring cleaning duty, you may have gotten around to clearing your attic or basement of things you should have washed or sanitized weeks ago. Maybe it’s those cashmere sweaters and other knit or woolen clothes worn last winter that you never got around to laundering. Perhaps it’s that rug that your naughty dog soiled or your baby had a potty accident on, and you’ve always put off taking it for carpet stain removal.

While checking these items, keep an eye out for holes in them. Be on the lookout for tiny eggs, larvae, or flying critters on the fabrics or on the crevices of your wardrobes and drawers. If you see any of these signs, you may have a clothes moth problem on your hands.

Clothes moths thrive on natural clothing fibers, home accessories, and the nutrients in the stains or residue left in these fabrics. You’ll normally see them on items made of or containing wool, fur, hair, and feathers. These moths are usually attracted to sweat, urine, and food stains, which contain the salt and Vitamin B they need as larvae.

These infestations can persist all year round, but they are most prominent when your home or the room under attack is warm and humid. Moth balls won’t work, so be sure to call professional exterminators to confirm whether you have a problem with these pests and to get rid of them efficiently.

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