Preventing an Ant Infestation

There are almost 1,000 different species of ants throughout North America, but only a handful of them prove to be nuisances and enter your home. If ants have invaded you home, calling a trusted pest control service to come and exterminate the intruders is a good idea.

Once an exterminator evicts ants from your home, you should take the necessary steps to prevent another infestation from occurring. Some of these steps include:

Reduce Entry Points

There are many ways for ants to enter your home, including open windows and the open space beneath your doors. Your best course of action would be to reduce as many of these entry points as you can. Any cracks you find in your walls should be caulked. Likewise, ask an exterminator which pest control substances are best left around entry points that cannot be sealed.

Wash the Dishes

Leaving dirty dishes out is like ringing a dinner bell for ants (as well as a handful of other pests). Rearrange your daily schedule to ensure you have enough time to wash the dishes before leaving your home or going to bed.

Spray Soapy Water

Scouting parties use chemical trails to lead other ants to any food sources the scouts find. If you notice one or two ants scouting out your kitchen, deal with them quickly. Afterwards, you can spray a solution of soapy water to remove the trails.

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