The Problem with Bees

When people think of bees, they often think of honey; however, the delicious treat is not the only thing that bees are good at making. They are also quite skilled at building the place in which they produce that honey; the bee hives. These honeycombed structures are often found in places where flowers are in abundance. The trouble is that bees don’t limit themselves to the wilderness; they can crawl into the tight places of your home and start building hives there. Warm, dry places like the attic and inside the walls are favorite locations.

The problem is that hives can get big. A single hive can house up to 40,000 bees. This means the hive will expand. The internal pressure will cause the wax that makes up the hive to melt and spread all over, even reaching into your home’s personal areas. They give off a strong odor that can make living in a home uncomfortable. Finally, large hives can put pressure on a home’s structure, so you might end up with broken walls or a roof falling through.

That is why you’ll want professionals to immediately remove the hive once detected. These professionals know how to safely get rid of bees without endangering themselves and your family. Plus, they can do it quickly and professionally.

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